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Eunji (Apink) Profile and Facts 2019: Eunji’s Ideal Type

Stage Name: Eunji (은지)
Birth Name: Jung Hye Rim, but she changed it to Jung Eun Ji
Position: Main Vocalist, Face of the Group
Birthday: August 18, 1993
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 162.3 cm (5’3″)
Weight: 47 kg (104 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Twitter: @Apinkjej
Instagram: @artist_eunji

Eunji Facts:
– Her birthplace is Haeundae, Busan, South Korea.
– Education: Hapdo Kindergarten, Shinjae Elementary School, Jaesong Girls’ Middle School, Hyehwa Girls’ High School
– She has a younger brother named Jung Minki who was invited in some episodes of Apink shows.
– Eunji took two months of free Taekwondo lessons behind her mom’s back.
– She is known as the “Happy Virus“.
– She only had to train for 6 months.
– Her original dream was to become a vocal trainer.
– One of her hobbies is imagining music videos and playing the piano.
– She wants Hayoung‘s height.
– She has a bad habit of singing all the time.
– She describes herself as someone who is bright and optimistic.
– Her favorite colors are red, green, and blue.
– Her favorite number is 25.
– Her favorite food is meat and anything her mother makes.
– She is the only one in Apink that DIDN’T appear in BEAST/B2ST‘s MV for “Beautiful“.
– She is close with Rainbow‘s Woori.
– She was complimented for her vocals by idols such as Super Junior‘s Heechul, Block B’s Taeil, and 2AM’s Jinwoon.
– Eunji went on a blind date with SHINee‘s Key when Naeun and Taemin were on WGM!
– Eunji acted in musicals “Legally Blonde” (2012) and “Full House” (2014)
– Eunji acted in the dramas “Reply 1997” (2012), “That Winter, The Wind Blows” (2013), “Reply 1994” (2013, ep. 16-17), “Lovers of Music” (2014), “Cheer Up!” (2015), “Untouchable (2017).
– She acts in the horror movie “0.0MHz” (2018), along with Infinite’s Sungyeol.
– On 18 April 2016, she debuted as a solo artist with the mini-album “Dream”.
– In April 2017, she released her 2nd solo album “The Space”.
– Eunji’s ideal type: masculine guys who have a kind smile, but she said that as long as they like each other it doesn’t really matter how that person looks.

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Eunji went on a blind date with SHINee’s Key when Naeun and Taemin were on WGM!

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